eja Juudi Kogukond
Еврейская община
Jewish community

Estonia - 95, Israel - 65, reborn Jewish Community - 25

the meeting Some pictures from the conference in Tallinn (13/5/2013)
the meeting The President of Estonian Republic Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves
the meeting Mark Rybak about the contribution of Estonian Jews to the birth and devlopement of Israel    

A big PowerPoint presentation. Please wait for the complete download. If you don't have PowerPoint, the presentation can be viewed with PowerPoint Viewer that can be downloaded from here. Please view in SHOW mode, otherwise you will not see video clips.

the meeting Eli Pilve about the Estonian citizenship to Jews in the beginning of 1920's (in Estonian)
the meeting Gidon Pajenson about the first Jewish newspaper and it's role in the rebirth of Jewish life in Estonia
the meeting Priit Herodes about the participation of Estonians in the creation of the Jewish Cultural Society (in Estonian)

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