How to donate to the Estonian Jewish museum and site.

1. You can make a bank transfer from your account to the museum account. Some banks take a significant fee for this operation.

Liivalaia 8, Tallinn 15040
Account number: 221037561773
To: Eesti Juudi muuseum (Estonian Jewish museum)
IBAN: EE312200221037561773

2. You can use      services

Registration to PayPal and money transfer are free for you.
The museum pays all necessary transfer fees.
Money transfer can be made from your bank account (in USA only) or from your credit card.
The number of your credit card is passed to PayPal only, and only once (at registration time).
To transfer money with PayPal please press the following button

If you want to donate specifically to the site, please mark "to EJA" or "to the site".