20 years of Estonian Republic
and the Jewish community.

From the newspaper "אידישע בילדער" (Idisze Bilder), Warsaw, N8 1938

The right side (1-13): Cultural autonomy Council.

1 - Cand. rer. merc. Hirsh Aisenstadt - the chairman of the Council
2 - Elchonen Gendel - the vice-chairman of the Council
3 - The synagogue in Tallinn
4 - Cand. jur. et rer. merc. Heinrich Gutkin - the vice-chairman of the Council
5 - Meier Yudeikin - the chairman of the Tallinn Council
6 - Dr Boris Mirwitz - the member of the Tallinn city council
7 - Adv. Julius Gens - the chairman of the Culture and School section
8 - Miss Chaja Itzkowitsh - the chairwoman of the Cadastre section
9 - Motel Zhitomirsky - the member of the Council
10 - Josef Hirschhorn - the chairman of the Finance section
11 - Richard Friedmann - one of the first Jewish [non-commissioned] officers in the Estonian War of Independence
12 - Group of the Jewish volunteers in the Estonian War of Independence - standing, left to right: J. Gens, B. Mirwitz. Sitting: B. Zimbler, J. Kropman, J. Dobrushkes
13 - Moses Spungin - the first Jewish volunteer of the Latvian regiment in Tartu

The left side (14-19): the Chair of Jewish Studies at Tartu.

14 - L. Gulkovitsch - 13 years old
15 - Prof. dr phil. et med. L. Gulkovitsch - the head of the Jewish Studies chair in the Tartu University
16 - A. Liebman - the assistant to L. Gulkovitsch
17 - Prof. Gulkovitsch with students. At right (with spectacles) dr N. Genss - the founder of the library of the Chair
18 - The ceremony of awarding M. Ziegler the first degree of Doctor of Jewish Studies. In the back - the dean P. Tarwel
19 - Prof. Gulkovitsch (left) congratulates dr M. Ziegler

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