eja Ajalugu


33 days after the first soviet deportation of estonian citizens

5 days before the german occupation of Estonia

Letter from Max Klompus from Tallinn to his sister Masha Gendel deported to Malmyzh, (Kirov oblast)

Gendel Letter Klompus


"...You know already that he went away, as did Hona, but only about ten days later. Noimans and Hübshmans went as well, and so many, many others. We did not hear from any of them. But I am sure, that they do not suffer so much as you imagine for yourself."

(Elchonon (Hone) Gendel born 27.2.1886 in Pskov. The owner of a trade company. Arrested and sent ("went away") to Vjatlag in Kirov oblast, Later to Dubrovlag, Mordovia. Freed 20.8.1943. Arrested for the second time 29.6.1946. Member of zionist organization. Freed 26.11.1955).


"All of us are living well and quietly, not worse than at your time. For the time being we are laughing at those who were so fast to evacuate".

(Meier (Маx) Кlompus born 30.12.1889 in Tallinn. Remained in the city. Killed. His name is in the list of Tallinn Jews, who have to be executed before 6.10.1941)).

Maria (Маshа) Gendel (nee Klompus) born 23.3.1899 in Tallinn. Deported (because of husband) with son Adir (b. 1935) to Vorkuta, Komi. Later to Malmyzh, Kirov oblast. Freed 4.6.1956. Died in Tallinn in 1986.

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